Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If your query or concern is not addressed on this page, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Does the money I donate go towards the needs of a specific child?

No. All donations are combined into a general fund which HSB will allocate according to their on-the-ground and specialist knowledge of each child, their needs and how your kind donation can most effectively be used.

Why and how has the scheme changed?

After discussion with HSB staff and volunteers, it was decided that the design of the scheme should change. Whereas previously, supporters could choose which child to support and which of their specific costs to cover, donations are now combined into a general fund which HSB will allocate according to their on-the-ground, detailed knowledge of each child, their needs and how your donation can most effectively be used.

What will my donation fund?

The children registered with the Change a Child’s Life scheme have diverse needs, which have been assessed by specialists. HSB is the mediator and pays the fees or buys the items for the children.

How and how often can I give?

As well as monthly, 3-monthly, 6– monthly and annual donations, single (one-off) donations can be made and are very much appreciated. Donated goods, such as books, toys, arts and crafts materials, and food are always of great use to the children and to Espace Bambino. If you live or own a business in Burkina Faso, please come along to Handicap Solidaire Burkina to donate and meet our team.

How have you calculated the exchange rate?

The FCFA is pegged to the Euro at €1 = 675 FCFA. Amounts in sterling are calculated using the average exchange rate, as this is subject to change.

Can I write to the child I am supporting?

Your donation is not necessarily allocated to one specific child. However, letters and emails to the children as a group are welcome, and should be sent to HSB. HSB mediates contact between supporters and the children, and supporters’ contact details will not be shared. Supporters can opt to be anonymous or named.

Will I receive news of the children?

HSB mediates contact between the supporter and the child and regularly tracks their progress. Twice a year, HSB will email the supporter with news of how your support is changing children’s lives, photographs, and letters or drawings by the child. HSB will also confirm how the supporters’ money has been used.

Some of the children have already received funding from the Liliane Foundation: why do they need further support?

Some of the children have received funding from the Liliane Foundation through HSB to help to fund their education and medical costs. However, the foundation’s available funds change on an annual basis, making it difficult to rely on their funding. The funding is further not sufficient to cover all of the children’s needs.

What happens when I can no longer provide support?

HSB asks regular supporters to give 2 months’ notice if they are no longer able to give support.

How do I send money?

We believe Western Union to be the best way to transfer money to Burkina Faso; it is inexpensive, simple and secure. Money can be sent online or in person (through agent locations). Click here for a step-by-step guide to donating online with Western Union. Currently, a standing order to Burkina Faso through Western Union is not possible, but we will send reminder emails to supporters, for example a monthly email if you are a monthly supporter.

How do I know the name of the recipient for Western Union money transfers?

We will email you the name of the recipient and their contact number. The name is not shown on our website for security reasons.

How do I choose a Test Question and Answer for Western Union?

It is recommended that supporters choose their own test question and answer  and tell HSB when they have done so in order that the money can be received.

Can I send money through a bank transfer?

Bank charges are applied to international bank transfers. These charges are posed both abroad (when sending the money) and in Burkina Faso (when receiving the money), and are considered to be very high. If bank transfer is the supporter’s preferred method of payment, we ask that supporters cover all of these charges (for sending and receiving). If these charges have not been covered by the supporter, we regret that these will have to be taken from the donation, as HSB does not have sufficient funds to cover the charges.

Can I send money through PayPal?

Although it is possible to open a PayPal account in Burkina Faso, the account can only be used to transfer money to other PayPal accounts. There is currently no way to transfer money from the PayPal account into a bank account. This means that HSB would not be able to access this money for the children. In the future, we hope that sponsoring through PayPal will become an option.