How It Works


HSB’s Change a Child’s Life scheme is a way to contribute directly to the development of children whose families have sought the support of HSB.

By making a donation, supporters have the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of children registered on the scheme with HSB. All donations received will be pooled and HSB, who work closely with the children and their families, will make a decision about the most effective way in which the money can be spent according to the children’s specific needs.

There are over 200 children registered with HSB’s Change a Child’s Life programme, a number we aim to increase in the future by reaching out to more children living with disabilities and their families.

The children that HSB want to support live with varying degrees of mobility problems, hearing and sight impairments, speech difficulties, epilepsy, dermatological conditions, albinism and full or partial paralysis. Many of the children also suffer from malnutrition.

Each child has specific needs which include medical consultations, physiotherapy, medication, orthopaedic shoes, school fees and transport. Those with mobility problems require adapted transport such as tricycles or handibikes and wheelchairs, including Cerebral Palsy chairs.

All donations made via Change a Child’s Life go towards addressing these needs, and help to ensure that the children involved are able to lead more independent lives.

Supporters will receive confirmation that their donation has been received and information on how it will be used. Benefits to a sponsored child and their community are tracked by HSB and will be reported to the supporter.

Some of the children involved in the Change a Child’s Life scheme are financially supported in some aspects of their lives by the Liliane Foundation, through HSB. However, these funds are not sufficient to meet all of the children’s needs and do not include all of the children registered on the scheme.


In order to protect the children’s identities, their full names, dates of birth and individual photographs do not appear on the HSB website, although there are photos which show some of the children involved.

Supporters can opt to be anonymous or named. Family contact details and supporter contact details will not be shared with either party, and contact will be mediated by HSB.

You can see HSB’s Child Protection Policy here.


Parents and guardians have formally consented to their child’s information being used on the HSB website and to their child’s participation in the Change a Child’s Life scheme.

Parents or guardians have given consent for the use of all photos and information included on the HSB website.


In order to cover transfer fees, HSB suggests a minimum donation of 7200 FCFA10 GBP / €11 EUR), whether this payment is an annual, 6-monthly, 3-monthly, monthly or one-off donation.