Success Stories

Success stories of ‘Change a Child’s Life Scheme’


Here you can read about some of the children who have benefitted from HSB’s Change a Child’s Life scheme. With your help, more children can be supported and more stories like these can become a reality!


Amina is a 5-year-old girl living with autism and a mobility problem. After discovering she was disabled, her father left Amina and her mother to marry a different woman and fled to Ivory Coast. Her mother suffers from a cardiac problem, and the two live together in a poor district of Burkina Faso with little help and support. Thanks to the support she received through HSB’s scheme, Amina has been able to have orthopaedic surgery. Before, she had to crawl to get around, but now, one of her legs is functioning again: she can walk around and has made lots of friends in her district – she is so much happier, as is her mother. The money further helped her mother to engage in income-generating activities. Even better, as her mum’s stress has diminished, so has her cardiac issue! Both of them no longer feel alone and feels supported in their lives.


Isaac is a 5 year old boy who lives with a mobility problem, as well as epilepsy. As a result of the sponsorship, he could finally go to a special school for children who live with disabilities, starting his first year of school. Not only does he enjoy school and do well, but he has made a range of friends too! He is noticeably happier, being able to go out his house a lot more. He loves drawing and art, and can furthermore eat by himself for the first time!


Bernadette had a mobility problem, as the result of an unknown trauma she endured, preventing her from being able to walk very well. She lives quite far out of town, and has to look after four other children. The money from HSB’s Change a Child’s Life scheme got Bernadette a specialised bicycle, helping her to become increasingly mobile, evidenced by the fact that she can now go to school and is about to take her first exam! She now aspires to be a film director when she grows up. Her mother is so proud of her achievements and progress, and believes she can achieve anything.