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Awareness-Raising Activities: August 2014



On Tuesday 19 August, as part of their awareness-raising campaign, the HSB and Inclusive Sports teams headed to Tanghin to lead a session on disability with ‘Jeunesse Mobilisée pour un Climat Meilleur’ (JMCM, a youth environment group). The morning was organised into three sections. Firstly, the president of JMCM, Daouda Ouedraogo, gave us a warm welcome which was followed by a presentation about HSB by Nathalie Ilboudou, who manages the drop-in centre and Espace Bambino. We then held a question and answer session, before the Inclusive Sports team led a sports session (boccia, goalball, and blind running) so that all those involved could have a go at Paralympic sports. The games were followed by a group reflection where people were given the chance to think about what they had learnt about disability as a result. Nathalie concluded the day and both teams left feeling satisfied that we had achieved what we had set out to.


On Friday 22 August, the HSB team was accompanied by a delegation from the Inclusive Sports team to lead an event with the “Association des Jeunes Scolaires de Pabré” (an association of college students) to raise awareness of the rights of people living with a disability. The session was carried out in three parts; first, the president of ASP gave a welcome presentation before the stage was left to HSB to announce the programme of activities. HSB Co-ordinator Freddie Ouedraogo presented the work that HSB does as well as outlining their short and long term objectives. We then led a question and answer session that was moderated by the HSB team to which Alfred added invaluable commentary. The session was followed by a Paralympic sports demonstration led by the Inclusive sports team. We rounded off with a group reflection which allowed all the participants to reflect on what they had learnt about disability as a result of the games. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch which had been prepared by the college students. The day was a resounding success and the college students at Pabré are now equipped to pass on our message to the surrounding area.



HSB micro-credit scheme reaps results

With support from UK school Frederick Gough, who visited Burkina in February, HSB’s micro-credit scheme was launched in March 2014 and has so far provided small loans to eleven mothers who bring their children to Espace Bambino. The loans have supported the women in developing income-generating activities and the scheme is led by Drop-In Centre manager, Nathalie Ilboudo, who verifies how the money is spent and evaluates the impact that the loans are making on the lives of each family involved. This week Nathalie conducted five home visits with support from ICS International Service volunteers.

Pascaline, mother to Paulin, used savings to purchase a weaving machine before applying to HSB’s micro-credit scheme in order to buy her first lot of cotton. She is now producing fabric from her courtyard by buying the cotton from the local market, dying it, and weaving it together to create fabrics of different colours, patterns and thicknesses.

Farida’s mum, Rihanata, ran a small food stall before joining up to the scheme. Thanks to the money she borrowed from HSB, she has been able to diversify her product range and thus offer more to her customers. She now sells coal, péssa, bassi, yam, peanut oil, koura-koura and sugared peanuts. She showed the HSB team how she makes peanut oil by grinding the nuts into a paste in a physically demanding process. Rihanata faced unfortunate circumstances two months ago when a fire destroyed the totality of her stock but she did not dwell on this setback and, in testament to her fortitude, has now got her business back up and running.

When visiting Marietta, mother of Rahim, the HSB team were concerned to hear how she has faced discrimination in the community because she has a disabled child. We spoke about strategies that Marietta can use in order to bring in customers and crucially, as Nathalie re-iterated, raise awareness about disability at the same time.



2014 National Disability Sport Championships

One of HSB’s central pillars is the advocacy of disability rights through sport. Saturday 9 August saw the HSB athletes compete at the 2014 National Disability Sport Championships, organised by the Paralympic Federation. The event was hosted at the Stade du 4 Août, the biggest stadium in Burkina Faso and an impressive stage for all the athletes to compete.

Track events ranged from the 100 metre wheelchair and tricycle sprints to demanding 3000 metre handibike endurance races. We all thrilled when Joseph Tiendreogo (Jo) came first in the 100m tricycle sprint.

Competition continued in the afternoon with a basketball match between HSB and Abushis. Having lost at their last match the pressure was on for us to bring home a win but after a tough game Abushis emerged victorious, winning 124. HSB athletes nevertheless improved on their last performance and reduced the goal difference since the last match.

The HSB team put in a brilliant performance but it was evident that a lack of equipment remains a big obstacle, leading some athletes to competing using heavy, everyday wheelchairs rather than specialist sports models. The Championships made for an inspirational day from start to finish. We hope that next year’s will attract even more attention and local supporters.



Setting the Wheels in Motion for Inclusion

On Saturday 31st May 2014, HSB were proud to be part of the Association des Elèves et Etudiants Handicapés du Burkina (AEEHB) National Youth Forum for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. The Forum lasted three days, and included a conference, a debate, and a cultural day. The main event for HSB was the inclusive sports demonstrations which were held at the university on Saturday morning. HSB athletes helped with demonstrations of Goalball and Boccia before the HSB and University teams played a wheelchair basketball match. The morning was really fun and about 80 people attended the event, both as spectators and participants. Thanks to AEEHB for having us!



A Huge Thank You to the Frederick Gough School!

On Wednesday 30 April, HSB received two physiotherapy posture tables thanks to a generous donation from the Frederick Gough School. 

These tables will help with the rehabilitation of the children living with disabilities who attend Espace Bambino. HSB would like to say a huge thank you to the Frederick Gough School for all their hard work in raising the money.  


Festival Passana 

This week HSB is proud to be part of the 4th cultural “FESTIVAL PASANA” here in Ouagadougou. The Festival kicked off last night, 15 April, with a spectacle of traditional music and dance, and a screening of a Burkinabé documentary. The festival has two themes: the promotion of traditional African music and musicians, especially with regard to young people, and the promotion of the rights of people with disabilities. 

On Friday, HSB had the honour of hosting an open day which will include film screenings and debates. There will be a demonstration of wheelchair basketball.


Adapted mobility for disabled people

Handicap Solidaire Burkina’s Welding Workshop has manufactured adapted tailor-made mobility aids to give to disabled people in Burkina Faso. The order for these aids, made up of wheelchairs and wheelchair-tricycles, was made by the DRAHTESEL Foundation in Switzerland, to come to the aid of disabled people in Burkina Faso. The official presentation to beneficiaries in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, took place on July 26th 2013. Make your orders too to support other disabled people here and elsewhere. Thank you.



Sport for integration

July 25th from 4-6pm, Handicap Solidaire Burkina’s (HSB) disabled sports clubs organised a wheelchair basketball event on the sports court at Katr-yaar. The game was played between the team of ICS volunteers and HSB teams. Wheelchair basketball for integration is not only for disabled people. Join us for a game too, for integration.



Espace Bambino

July 25th 2013 marked the end of the year for the development activities of the Espace Bambino. Handicap Solidaire Burkina organised a little party to mark the occasion and to wish the children a good holiday. This day was also a day of friendship between the children and the Swiss, British and Burkinabe volunteers who came to support the event. If you would also like to befriend a child with a disability, come to Handicap Solidaire Burkina. Handicap Solidaire, the place of work and friendship. Thank you.



North-South Youth Collaboration

Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) distributed crutches to disabled people on July 19th 2013, with the help of Mouv’Burkina. Mouv’Burkina is an association of young Swiss occupational therapy students who decided to support HSB, a disabled people’s organisation in Burkina Faso, in the implementation of its activities. Thank you to the students for supporting HSB.



Courtesy visit 

On 17th and 18th July 2013, the ICS volunteers working at Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) and HSB staff visited the Poé-Naaba (chief of the Poé area) and the Kamsonghin-Naaba (chief of the Kamsonghin area), respectively, in order to present the organisation and to ask for their support in obtaining land for the construction of headquarters for HSB.