Espace Bambino


Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) believes that no child, regardless of disability, should ever be denied their fundamental right to an education, or be prevented from fulfilling their potential.

Disabled children in Burkina Faso face a number of difficulties in receiving an education: schools are generally not adapted for wheelchairs, there are often no specialist staff, and sometimes parents do not see the point in educating their disabled child. Children are sometimes refused entry to schools based on their disability. This has contributed to a level of illiteracy of 99% amongst disabled people and a university entry rate of only 0.2% for this same group. At present, there are many schools in Burkina Faso but only one that specifically offers education to physically disabled children: Espace Bambino.

Working with HSB’s Drop-In Centre, the Espace Bambino has the potential to transform the lives of disabled children and their families. It works to break the cycle of poverty in which many young people with disabilities live and challenge stigmas held in Burkinabe society. The facility emphasises the rights of a disabled child to the child’s family and supports them in how to best look after their child. Moreover, by educating disabled children from a young age, the Espace Bambino hopes to instil in them the confidence to become full and active members of their community.

Around 180 children have attended the Espace Bambino since its opening in 2010. The education centre functions as a playgroup, offers lessons in numeracy and literacy taught by specialist teachers, gives sport sessions with trained coaches, and engages the children in arts and crafts activities.


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