Handicap Solidaire Burkina believes that sport has the power to transform the lives of people living with a disability.

The values of sport are multiple: it raises awareness of the rights of disabled people within a society in which they are held in low regard, it contributes to the empowerment of disabled people by raising self-esteem and confidence, it provides a forum for disabled people to meet others in a similar position, and it goes some way towards social inclusion by combating negative social representation and underestimation of disabled peoples abilities and thus proving that disabled people can contribute to society


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HSB advocates the equal rights of disabled people through sport. Firstly, HSB combats material difficulties through provision of sporting equipment for disabled people, including basketballs, sports wheelchairs etc. Secondly, HSB has created teams within four sports: wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair table tennis and hand-bike. Thirdly, HSB has provided a sports infrastructure through the creation of leagues, networks between clubs and a framework for disabled sport throughout Burkina Faso. Moreover, HSB promotes the awareness of disabled sport in order to increase the number of disabled people participating in sport.


Watch HSB’s documentary ‘Le Feu Vert’ (The Green Light) on disabled sport in Burkina Faso:

[English subtitles available soon]